VirusTotal += SUPERAntiSpyware

A new engine in the service
We've just added the SUPERAntiSpyware engine from the homonymous company, based on USA. Primarily focused on Spyware handling, it also detects other kinds of malware. I would like to thank Mr. Skrepetos for making integration at VirusTotal a seamless task.

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Re: VirusTotal += SUPERAntiSpyware

Excellent news :) SuperAntiSpyware is known for spotting the spyware that many other products miss.

I would love to see Malwarebytes added to VirusTotal as well.

Posted by: Shane at julio 22,2010 10:45
Re: VirusTotal += SUPERAntiSpyware

Will this program detect file infecter virus ?
I've seen it's information they said SAS didn't detect major virus.

Posted by: Petit at julio 22,2010 11:54
Re: VirusTotal += SUPERAntiSpyware

it dont detect any old viruses/worms/zeroday threats

it's useless in my option it a faud tool fake scanner

detection rate is less the %1

i recommend scan with panda activescan online scanner for your pc

keep safe

Posted by: jon at agosto 03,2010 20:44
Re: VirusTotal += SUPERAntiSpyware

Hey, are you now with de AV trade like the others?? Or it seems you are in the dark side :-)


Posted by: Xavi at agosto 05,2010 12:05
Re: VirusTotal += SUPERAntiSpyware

I am from Lithuania (
I CANNOT upload a file to check using HTTPS

Posted by: Donatas at agosto 15,2010 19:36
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