Extra metadata field: sigcheck

Info about digital certificates
We've added Microsoft's Sigcheck results in the VT reports. It is a very interesting tool that shows information about files, and specially interesting, about digital signatures. I want to thank Microsoft people (specially to Mark Russinovich) for the permission to use it here.

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Re: Extra metadata field: sigcheck

I dont found another location to write to you.

I'm using VirusTotalUpload.exe but they allow only files with 10 MB... and using email allow 20 MB files...

VirusTotalUpload.exe can be updated by accept upload with 20 MB too ?

Thank you

Posted by: Socr at octubre 04,2009 16:12
Re: Extra metadata field: sigcheck

Symantec Antivirus now detects the uninstall.exe for your own Virus Total Upload program as a virus and deletes it.

Can I suggest you contact Symantec to deal with the false positive?

(Dated 22 October 2009)

Posted by: Mike Diack at octubre 22,2009 16:56
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