VirusTotal += Jiangmin

A big chinese antivirus company joins the service
Today we're including the AV engine from Jiangmin, a Chinese antivirus company. I would like to thank Shaowen for his help during the integration of this engine.

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Re: VirusTotal += Jiangmin

Its rather ironic that this security company links to websites that contain malware. Check it out here:


Posted by: darth_yoda at junio 15,2009 19:14
Re: VirusTotal += Jiangmin

"When we tested this site we found links to tech.sina.com.cn, which we found to be a distributor of downloads some people consider adware, spyware or other potentially unwanted programs."

if you use the english version of the site, there won't be any links to sina.com.
the chinese version of the site, only includes a single sina link,because the chinese version of the site runs like a portal site. by the way, sina.com.cn is a legit website, i don't have any problem visiting that site.
it may due to some of the ads on that site which links to malware.(Most people won't be click those ads anywayz ;)
*If you maintain your system in the up-to-date condition, there shouldn't be any problem.

Posted by: comscier at junio 16,2009 04:47
Re: VirusTotal += Jiangmin

The English page of jiangmin didn't update for a long time.

They still provide Chinese customer more.

Posted by: Petit at junio 17,2009 07:13
Re: VirusTotal += Jiangmin

Somehow it really sucks...

Any, why not take it a try?

Thanks VT

Posted by: User at junio 20,2009 03:41
Re: VirusTotal += Jiangmin

Jiangmin? Do you mean the clone of kaspersky?

Posted by: Cr at julio 01,2009 04:11
Re: VirusTotal += Jiangmin

Chinese antivirus? What about quality?

Posted by: ביטוח at agosto 27,2009 12:35
Re: VirusTotal += Jiangmin


Posted by: lee at septiembre 08,2009 11:17
Re: VirusTotal += Jiangmin

Bonjour! Je veux savoir si la VirusTotal communique l'adresse IP de usagers les entreprises participantes?

Posted by: Je viens de Chine at septiembre 08,2009 17:30
Re: VirusTotal += Jiangmin

Jiangmin is one of the very good anti virus software in mainland china

Posted by: ck at septiembre 25,2009 11:24
Re: VirusTotal += Jiangmin


Posted by: 1001 at octubre 18,2009 07:32
Re: VirusTotal += Jiangmin

recently I installed latest ClamWin antivirus v 0.95 and I have already Jiangmin antivirus kv2009 installed on my WIN XP SP2 machine. My problem is that Jiangmin antivirus detects a trojan whenever I try to open up the ClamWin antivirus from Window’s start up. Jiangmin antivirus has deleted ” libclamunrar.dll “.This pop up detection nags me every time I try to open clamwin antivirus.Although I tried reinstalling Clamwin antivirus, the problem persists. Every time I try to open Clamwin antivirus,Jiangmin antivirus simply deletes it. Whereas Jiangmin antivirus was quite o.k with older version of Clamwin antivirus v 0.93 . May I get help from you?

Posted by: Frankenstein Creative Inc. at octubre 22,2009 00:08
Re: VirusTotal += Jiangmin

Jiangmin is definitely not the clone of kaspersky!!!

Posted by: Super Hoshi at mayo 22,2010 17:01
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