Extra metadata field: PDFiD

Info about PDF files
We have added the Didier Stevens' PDFiD tool result in the VT reports. This is an interesting tool as it checks the PDF content to identify several keywords thay may help identifying potentially suspicious documents. He also included a reference about the keywords, explaining their meaning. I want to thank Didier for all his help in the integration of this cool tool.

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Re: Extra metadata field: PDFiD

Can I just say this service ROCKS. I don't think you guys get thanked often enough. THANK YOU.

Posted by: Erick at mayo 29,2009 19:27
Re: Extra metadata field: PDFiD

I have little to say on this subject, but very good publication.

Posted by: Darel L. Borges Bleth at junio 05,2009 19:40
Re: Extra metadata field: PDFiD


I will promote your site where ever I can. Thanks again for this site, it really can grow big, especially when you make some proggie too include the service in Outlook as a add-on for scanning included files.

Posted by: eric conijn at junio 11,2009 17:35
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