VirusTotal += Sunbelt

Sunbelt antimalware engine joins the service
We welcome Sunbelt to the group of vendors participating in this service. Known for products like their CounterSpy or Kerio Personal Firewall, they're doing an approach to a wider-spectrum antimalware product.

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Re: VirusTotal += Sunbelt

excelent ... now i can't wait for Asquared :)

Posted by: Dwarden at diciembre 01,2006 11:20
Re: VirusTotal += Sunbelt

nice... here is my future wishlist :)

boclean, trend, ahnlab, hauri

Posted by: xy at diciembre 02,2006 10:25
Re: VirusTotal += Sunbelt

Cyberhawk of Novatix Corporation, could help you more with secure

Posted by: Viana at diciembre 03,2006 22:45
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Malware Against Virtual Keyboards

More and More banking institutions are replacing the usual username/password form with a virtual keyboard. The sole purpose of thie method is to defeat keyloggers. Unfortunately for them, more and more malwares also defeat the purpose of using virtual

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